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Coolest Treasure Trolls Group Costume

This year for Halloween our group of friends or “Club Awesome” as we call ourselves (minus 1 in the pic because one of our good friends wasn’t able to go this year) decided Troll dolls would be a unique and funny way to do a costume together. Since we all did not feel “leotard ready” we had skirts made to make the costume flattering for everyone.

Our hair was pretty simple, the blue, rainbow and scary green troll used wigs because of the fear the spray color would stain our hair. The red troll also has blonde highlighted hair but she was willing to take her chances. Which by the way anyone wanting to do this in the future we asked 4 hair dressers and looked online and all said not to spary your hair if it has been bleached. The red trolls hair did not stain so if you are on the fence about using colored spray I say go for it because it didnt stain our hair. The other trolls hair was done by teasing which gives an end result of what troll hair really looks like.

We used the material from our skirts for our jewel and accessories. We were aiming for funny, original, cute and I think we did pretty good at acheiveing all three with our Homemade Treasure Trolls Group Costume.

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Treasure Trolls Group Costume”

  1. Great job ladies!! The best troll costumes I have EVER seen!!!! So original and cute! Please tell me you guys entered in a costume contest!?!?

  2. We actually didn’t and we so should have! We went to a house party but it was still a blast thanks for the compliment! We should probably win an award on this website or something


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