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Coolest Troll Dolls Costumes

We went as the infamous 1980’s treasure troll dolls. We found nude body suits at a costume shop and hose from a local clothing store. It was very hard to find hose without control top as it shows thru bodysuit. We found nude colored slippers for our feet at a shoe store.

Once we figured out how to be nude trolls we had fun choosing shapes for jewel bellies. We just purchased colored felt and cut the shape we wanted. Then we used spray adhesive to adhere them to the leotards and decorated them with glitter and jewels.

For the final touch we pulled our hair up around cups and secured it with ponytails. You have to do this while holding your head upside down, but turns out great. We stiffened our hair in place with hair spray then used spray hair color. The longer the hair the more you will need to use. One warning, we discovered that the pink hair spray stains blond hair! My friend now has pink striped hair!

They were fun and they were a hit!

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