I have been a huge fan of The Grinch ever since I was young. I am very creative by nature so naturally I love hair and makeup. I have been obsessed with the costume design and makeup in the movie “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”. I remember wondering how long it took them to do Jim Carey’s makeup everyday on set . I decided that this year I wanted to recreate that look for my Halloween costume.

I started two months prior to Halloween. I purchased a prosthetic latex face from mostlydead.com. I purchased a yard of green faux fur from Amazon. I cut out pants and hand sewed the grinch pants . I then bought dishwashing gloves and sewed fur onto the gloves in the shape of hands . I stuffed the fingers with cotton and sewed around to make the fingers long and Grinch like. I then sewed fur all around a pair of my running sneakers to create the effect of Grinch feet. I borrowed the Santa suit from a relative . When Halloween night came, I did the makeup myself and glued the fallen fur from making my pants to my face and eyebrows. I had a lot of fun making this costume and was super happy with how it turned out.