Cool Homemade Jack In The Box Clown Costume

Homemade Jack In The Box Costume

I wanted my son to stand out for Halloween and the store costumes were just not doing it for me. Then one day while I was putting away the toys I came across a Jack-In-The-Box. What a perfect costume for my son Jack!. I got out a box from moving recently and just started coloring … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Hoop Costume

Homemade Basketball Hoop Costume

Get Dunked On! Literally. Here is a little play by play of my basketball hoop costume this year: Materials I needed: Foam white board, Basketball Net, Name-Tag Clips, Head Band, black foam sheet, Orange tape, Orange Tights, Red tape, and Print out of a Shot clock. 1) Measure and cut arm holes. 2) Cut hole … Read more

Coolest Homemade Rosie the Riveter Costume

Homemade Rosie the Riveter Costume

Every year at work we have a Halloween costume contest. This year, I was working with a limited budget, and I wanted to make sure that no one else would have the same costume as me. I stumbled across Rosie the Riveter idea accidentally – while browsing a poster website. It was very easy to … Read more

Coolest Homeless Child Costume

Homemade Homeless Child Costume

This Homemade Homeless Child Costume probably goes better for kids seeming how it’s meant to be funny. **Note from Elad (Editor): Along with the comments below, this costume sparked a heated debate over on our Facebook page. Take a look…

Coolest Homemade Baby Jack in the Box Costume

Homemade Baby Jack in the Box Costume

This is our first costume for our youngest, Jack. We’ve set a theme of costumes with Jack in the name and intend to stick with it until he’s old enough to throw a fit. I hope the tantrums come soon, because I’m running out of ideas. The only idea I have left is, well, a … Read more

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

My daughter came home from preschool one day singing “Farmer in the Dell” and the idea just clicked. My husband works on computers and Dell is a well known name in our house so this Farmer In The Dell Costume was just too funny. I started out by cutting a circle in the top of … Read more

Coolest Gwen Stefani Costume

Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume

My favorite band is No Doubt, and I love Gwen Stefani. I have always wanted to be her for Halloween, last year I decided to go blonde, and knew it was time to be Gwen and dress up in a Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume. I did leave some brunette for a peekaboo look. I styled … Read more

Coolest Homemade Etrade Baby Costume

Homemade Etrade Baby Costume

We love the E*Trade baby commercials and we decided to dress our 11 month old son in a Homemade Etrade Baby Costume. At first when we thought of the idea I was a little worried not enough people would understand. But I was definitely wrong, it was a big hit and everyone thought our son … Read more

Coolest Pedestrian Costume

Homemade Pedestrian Costume

Homemade Pedestrian Costume: To make it, you have to find some big signs, it can be a cardboard. It just needs to be flat and rough. Then, buy some bright yellow paper. You can paint it too. After that, draw or paint a big black lign. You can also had a little sign where it’s … Read more

Cute Ke$ha Costume

Homemade Ke$ha Costume

This is my homemade Ke$ha costume. I based the costume off of her music video “Tik Tok” especially the lyrics, “Wake up in the morning feelin like P-Diddy, grab my glasses I’m out the door I’m gonna hit the city before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack, cause when I leave … Read more

Coolest Homemade Leeloo from the 5th Element Halloween Costume

Homemade Leeloo from the 5th Element Halloween Costume

This homemade Leeloo from the 5th Element Halloween costume cost me $30; the wig was the most expensive part ($25). I then bought a roll of white duct tape and used a white bikini bottom I already had. I folded up paper underneath the duct tape in the slightly more “sensitive” areas, so that removal … Read more

Coolest Britney Spears Homemade Costume

Homemade Britney Spears Costume

I’ve never been the kind that sews but when I saw this outfit I had to make it happen! Used glitter glue on the shorts, found material that closely matched and even sewed on pheasant feathers. Used a sheer fabric over a bra and pinned on broaches. Add the snake, head piece, and paint on … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bunch of Grapes Halloween Costume

Homemade Bunch of Grapes Halloween Costume

This homemade bunch of grapes Halloween costume is the easiest and the cheapest costume I have ever made! The best part is it only took about half an hour to put it all together. The shopping list is one purple long sleeve shirt, 50 purple balloons, one pack of safety pins, 2 sheets of green … Read more

Coolest Men In Black Family Costume

Homemade Men In Black Family Costume

Our family does theme costumes each year, but as the mom of boys…this year we did not agree. They wanted gore, and I wanted cute. So we compromised. They are the Men In Black, and I am their alien. I got the jackets from Goodwill, the sunglasses from a costume shop and bought my green … Read more

Coolest Coors Light Costumes

Homemade Coors Light Costumes

Our Homemade Coors Light Costumes were made of simply duct tape!! We first rapped ourselves in clear sticky kitchen wrap then put original silver duct tape over top with blue painter tap. Out lined it, was all topped off with the cover of a Coors Light 6 pack and tada, you are a Coors Light … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wilson Costume from Home Improvement

Homemade Wilson Costume from Home Improvement

Well the idea is to be a Homemade Wilson Costume from Home Improvement. First I got a plaid shirt and fisherman’s hat. Second I took an old school bag and took the straps of. I then went to Micheals and got some fake wood. I then stuck the wood to the old backpack and wore … Read more

Coolest Homemade Six Pack of Busch Group Costume

Homemade Six Pack of Busch Group Costume

Every year we try and impress our college campus with an original and unexpected costume for Halloween. This year we got the idea to make ourselves a Homemade Six Pack of Busch Group Costume. Our entire costume cost under $10 a piece, a steal compared to those who spend over fifty for a crappy costume. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Magic School Bus Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Magic School Bus Group Halloween Costume

A group of eight young women decided to transform themselves into a Homemade Magic School Bus Group Halloween Costume for Halloween. We acquired eight boxes and a ton of yellow paint. We painted the outside of all the boxes yellow, with black stripes and wrote “Magic School Bus” across the side of all four. The … Read more

Coolest Homemade Butterball Turkey Baby Costume

Homemade Butterball Turkey Baby Costume

I always refer to my son Adan as my butterball, when it came time for his first Halloween I had an epiphany in the frozen foods section. The best part is that you not only get a costume, you also get dinner. Supplies for this Butterball Turkey Baby Costume: – 1 turkey, 1 tan colored … Read more

Coolest Girls Gone Wild Homemade Costume

Girls Gone Wild Costume

I didn’t feel like going to the bar for Halloween but at the last minute my friends thought it would be a good idea to go. The idea for this “girls gone wild” costume just came to me so I painted this sign in ten minutes and pinned it to my other shirt. And who … Read more

Coolest Tabasco Sauce Halloween Costume

Homemade Tabasco Sauce Halloween Costume

I love hot sauce so I thought this Tabasco sauce costume would be a perfect costume for me. I printed out the label on a t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it on the shirt. The hat is cardboard. If I had had more time, I was going to make a belt out of peppers and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Google Maps Costume

Homemade Google Maps Costume

Hello I am Borja, from Madrid, Spain. Sorry for my poor English. I made the Homemade Google Maps Costume with a white t-shirt painting with markers. The marker is made from cardboard magenta and elastic bands to hold it. I think I could have done better but I did it in a day and almost … Read more