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Coolest DIY Cindy Lou Who Halloween Costume

My costume was easy to make. I had almost everything I needed already – a dress, black shoes, and tights. I just needed to make a “cape” and figure out how to do my hair and make-up.

For the cape: I bought a red pillowcase for the cape (99 cents!!), glued cotton balls around the edges of it, and sewed on a black button to close the cape around my shoulders.

For the hair: I separated the front of my hair from the back (front would be for the braids, back for the updo). I put on a birthday hat and wrapped my back hair around it and put an elastic on the top (also a few bobby pins and a bit of hairspray – I was surprised by how well my hair stayed in place)! Next, I made two braids coming down either side of my face and bobbypinned them up to make “circles.” I put a couple bows around the tops of the braids.

For the make-up: Just regular make-up with a bit of red lipstick smudged on my nose to make me look “cold.”

And that is it!

Coolest DIY Cindy Lou Who Halloween Costume

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