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Cool Cindy Lou Who Homemade Girls Halloween Costume

My Amelia takes her precious time every year trying to pick just the PERFECT costume. Some how every year she picks a costume that TOTALLY fits her original look. This year she FELL IN LOVE with the idea of a Cindy Lou Who hair do! Our first step was to find a black and white dress. We resaled shopped like crazy! Polka dots always work. Next we uncovered the striped tights from our previous costume creations, gloves we had but added a red bow in the middle this year.

So here comes the creating. We bought the soft red swirled material, cut and hemmed into a cape, hot glued white fur trim around it, gave it a button, and pinned on Amelia’s Great Grandmothers X-mas pin. Then we bought red ribbon and made the biggest hair bow I could, threw a lil white fur in that and then the hair. HMMMMMM… I separated her hair, made some braids and clipped them up…. hmmmmm…I got it. A cup. I got a styrofoam cup, put it on the top of her head and combed her hair up around it, HOLY COW it worked. It didn’t hurt her head, it stayed forever. We swiped a lil blush across her cheeks and nose to give her that winter look.

Amelia too likes to be creative so she bought brown pipe cleaner and shaped them into Antlers, glued lil red fur balls on them, fastened it to a ribbon and tied the antlers on her stuffed dog (to recreate the Grinch dog with antlers,boy was I proud). Maybe it’s just because I am her mom and I made the costume BUT I think she looked like she could have walked right off the movie set…lol.

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