My daughter Amelia (21 months) is obsessed with Planet of the Apes, not the new, CGI versions but the 1960’s and ’70’s versions. She watches parts of them every single day! So we decided this year she would be Zira.

I went to the clearance bin at JoAnn’s and it was like it was meant to be. All three fabrics I found were exactly what I was looking for and deeply discounted. With help from a family friend, we shaped the top based on a pattern from a dress; we made our own variations to make it resemble Zira’s tunic.

The skirt as well as the neck piece were crafted from our imagination. I figured she wouldn’t really wear any makeup or much of a head piece or mask so I just bought a cheap wig from Target which she wore for literally two minutes (enough time to take pics). Altogether, the costume cost under $15! In my humble opinion, she had the best costume of the night.

Her costume is a huge hit on social media. Trick or Treating, not as much. I was a little bummed but I guess not everyone is immersed in the 40 year old movies as we are on a daily basis.

I’m very proud of this costume, it’s the very first costume I have ever made and I can’t wait until next year. Sure, Elsas and Ninjas are cute, but I want my daughter to be unique and creative. She made the perfect Zira. She is tenacious and intelligent and loving, she told me that Zira is her mentor (not really).