Coolest Cindy Lou Who DIY Costume

For this Cindy Lou Who Costume, I found a houndstooth print dress at the thrift store (though any crazy black and white pattern will do). I paired it with red tights, and black shoes. Her cape is made from a piece of red felt with a white boa glued around the edge, and I stitched red ribbon for the neck tie.

The most important feature was her trademark hair. I sectioned the top piece off and used lots of dry shampoo spray to make it tacky. The key was using a piece of florist foam cut out in the shape of a cone and placed in the middle of the top section, and pulled the hair up around it, fastened with a red ponie, and it held beautifully. The side sections I threaded pipe cleaners into the braids, and it held them out great.

I finished off with a lot of red ribbon, the sillier, the better Seuss Style. Used lots of hairspray over the top, and voila, there you have it!

Cindy Lou Who Costume

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