Coolest Cindy Lou Who Costume

During the chilly months, friends, family and strangers constantly comment on how much our daughter, Isabella, looks like Cindy Lou Who with her red and up-turned nose and sweet demeanor.

I kept that Cindy Lou Who Costume idea in the back of my mind when I ran across the perfect dress at a second-hand store, black and white plaid just like the live-action film for $6.

After I had the dress, the rest was easy. I found black, patent-leather style Maryjane shoes at Target for about $9 and already owned some warm, white tights. The next part of the costume was the Santa Clause-esque shawl Cindy Lou Who wore on her shoulders. I ventured to a craft store, assuming I’d find material to sew (which worried me because I’m not a seamstress). Instead, I found a mini-tree skirt for $10. I folded in the velcro edges of the tree skirt and then attached the tree skirt to the shoulders of the dress wth a small safety pin (instead of around her neck).

The final step was Cindy Lou’s hair. I sectioned Isabella’s hair into three sections: one on top, and two bottom sections for braids. I made a cone out of cardstock and pulled her hair over the cone and tied it on top with a hairband. I braided the bottom sections and tied them on the ends with two more hairbands. I used red and white polka-dot ribbon to cover the hairbands and Cindy Lou was complete!

Coolest Cindy Lou Who Costume

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  1. My daughter looks a lot like Cindy Lou WHo, so for her 2nd birthday in Nov., I want to make the theme of her party based on Dr. Suess and Grinch–You did an amazing job with the look and gave great, cost effective ideas!! Thank you!


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