I had been wanting to make a Cindy Lou Who costume from the live action version for years and was not willing to get a store bought costume as I so often don’t because making your own is so much fun! By the end of the summer I already gathered materials like teacups and fake candy canes and a blonde wig. Mid-way through creating this costume I decided I wanted to spice it up a bit and make it creepy.

I had gotten so much done from the original version with the beautiful sparkly pine cone fabric I picked out for my dress so I decided I would go as regular Cindy Lou Who one night and Zombie Lou Who the nights after. I bought tons of fake blood and an intestine prop to go on the outside of my dress with a squeezer tucked into my ripped, bloody white gloves to gorge blood through the intestines when I really wanted to freak people out. I got materials from many different places like Joann fabrics, eBay, amazon, the dollar store, and party city. I bought two long blonde hair wigs and hot-glued a plastic cup to the top of one after parting the wig and making pigtail braids.

I cut pieces off the other wig and glued them over the cup. I then added a red ribbon that went around the base to hide my handy work.  I cut up white hanger to get the pigtails to stick up (used this idea from my homemade Pippi Longstocking costume from the 3rd grade!)  In front of the hair structure, I hot-glued a teacup on a plate and glued a candy cane inside. The wig was probably the most labor intensive of the costume. I was lucky enough to have a friend help me with the dress. I picked out a Christmas fabric and a pattern. We cut up the pieces to fit the pattern and sewed it together with a Velcro back making it easy to slip into.

On the night where I transformed into a zombie, it was just a matter of ripping, painting, and splattering fake blood in meticulous areas. I am extremely proud of this costume and I got a lot of laughs and praise from people I saw!