My daughter wanted a DIY Cindy Lou Who Child Halloween Costume for Halloween this year. I knew it had been done few few times with the everyday dress but we decided to do a take on the dress at the final feast. I found the perfect fabrics, consulted with my “client” on how the dress should look, and went to work. I made sure it was super full with lots of under skirts.

I made a caplet and mittens similar to the ones in the movie. For the hair my daughter has black hair so I had to go with a wig. I took two wigs sewed them together crown to crown added a bit of a darker honey blonde on top of it all and then sewed in curly ends. I got the top to stand up with fabric placed inside. We had tried a plastic cup but it was uncomfortable and would fall from side to side.

For the make-up we gave her false eye lash tips and a little blush on her cheeks and nose.