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Great Group Costume Idea: The Who’s Family from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This was actually not a Halloween costume when we first did it (although later would be one) but an idea for a Christmas Card. It was two days before Christmas and we realized we did not take a Christmas Family Photo and didn’t send anything out. We usually take standard Holiday photos, red dresses and cute smiles, but this year we wanted to do something silly.

We were wrapping gifts when my sister said “We should wrap ourselves in gift wrap and take our Christmas card that way” and in response our sister did it. We started laughing at her, but then realized that she reminded us of something

Cindy Loo Who, the tiniest who in whovlle and so came the idea to dress as the Who’s for our Christmas card. This was really last minute, we didn’t go out and buy anything and used what we had so this year for Halloween it will be better.

For the noses: we took tape and taped our noses up and put some makeup over them.

For the hair: we put our heads upside down, placed a water bottle in the center of our hair and tied a ponytail (while our head was upside down) to the top. We curled our youngest sister’s hair and added braids (Cindy Loo Who 2_yes we did 2 Cindy Loo Who’s) but how could we not do the wrapped version too?!” and added Christmas bows from our tree. One of my sisters pulled a plastic Christmas flower out of the yard and stuck it inside her water bottle (the bottle is hidden, flower visible).

For clothes: we dressed in red tights, dresses, red winter jackets, scarves and our dad wore some green to mix it up.

For the upper lip: we rolled cotton into small bits and shoved it firmly into place under our upper lips. Trust me it will stay.

Cindy Loo Whoo Skirt: she has a round shaped jacket/dress and this was really hard to make but we took a hoola hoop, bent it and stuck it under our sister’s dress.

The dogs: we have two dogs (no antlers or red noses to give them) but we did dress them in Santa suits!

Makeup: bright round red circles on the cheek and red lipstick.

Wrapped up Cindy Loo Who: literally had her stand up, went around her with the paper and taped and stapled her shut.

Took about 20 minutes for us to all get ready, took our picture, emailed it and got great feedback. It’s definitely a fun, easy costume that no one will expect! (great group costume, just need the grinch to make it perfect!).

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