Coolest Cindy Lou Who Homemade Costume

My daughter’s school had a Christmas in October party. She wanted to dress in a Cindy Lou Who costume.

I purchased a child’s wig and hair extensions. I braided the wig, hot glued the extensions to a Styrofoam cone then glued the cone to the top of the wig.

The outfit I made for a Christmas party last year so I didn’t have to remake an outfit. She was the hit of the party!!

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Cindy Lou Who Homemade Costume”

  1. This costume is my favorite character costume for 2008. Your daughter looks like she could be in the actual movie. She is just gorgeous:)

  2. would you be willing to sell this costume? My daughter is in a recital. Would love this costume. Thanks in advance for any response. Lisa


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