Coolest Homemade Cindy Lou Who Costume

My daughter had been wanting to be Cindy Lou who for the last two years, so this year I went all out and made her dress and cape. She loved it so much she wants to wear the outfit for Christmas as well…

I started off with a pattern for an A-line dress, I made some adjustments, lined the skirt portion and added some netting between the layers so it would stay puffed out.

For the cape, I made a red poncho type design just long enough to match the bottom of the dress. I found some fur trim and used that for the hood as well as the pom poms.

The hair is all fake, I braided the fake hair into her own hair to bring the braids on up. For the top portion I covered a Styrofoam cup with both her hair and the fake ponytail to give it more volume and height.

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  1. this is me and i just watched this movie today and i was showing my little brother that if you look up cindy lou who costumes on google images i am the second picture on it! i was very excited when i saw that!


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