Easy and Impressive Cindy Lou Who Costume

I had wanted to make this Cindy Lou Who costume for a few years. And I finally just decided it was time.

I had the hair on my head and the rest was so easy to make that I just went for it. I made the cloak and the skirt. I had no pattern for anything. I just laid things out and started cutting. It was so cheap for these fabrics that I figured if I messed up I could just get mopre. For the cloak, I Just bought red felt fabric, laid it all out on the floor and started cutting in a slight U- shap. and cut to fit and attached the fur to the edges.. it came in a roll. And the shirt was a long piece of plaid fabric and I sewed a flap big enough to fit elastic through and that’s all there was to it. The hair.. the craft section sells cone shaped styrofoam and I pull my hair up over it and left enough down for braids. People laughed at me for 3 hours. Every time they would look at me they just started cracking up. I won the costume contest at this party.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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