We wanted to do a group theme and wanted it to relate to our everyday personalities. Thing 1(myself) and Thing 2(coworker/friend) Cat(friend) are a rambunctious group together always acting wild and crazy! So we thought this idea was the best! Cheapest Halloween ever! The  “things ” made our tutu ‘s extremely easy but your arms get tired after tying so many knots, and trying to cut a straight line of the tulle (you kinda go cross eyed looking at the fabric) We traced and colored in the Thing signs and pinned them to our outfit! Thing 1 & 2 are hairstylist so we just used a can of hairspray and teased our hair into a crazy mess! Cat got styrofoam n painted it to make the hat, n painted on her white belly! Of course we like sparkles so we had to add that to the costume. They were a hit at the bars every cat in the hat wanted a picture with us things and every “things” wanted a picture with our cat in the hat!