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Scrub Up with this Cute Do-it-Yourself Loofah Costume

This costume was so easy to make and only took me about 30 mins. I made it right before I went to my costume party this year. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and only spent about $30. I bought elastic, 2 different colors of tuelle, and a braided string. For the tuelle I bought 25 yards altogether. I got a hot pink color and a little darker color of pink. I measured the elastic to wrap around underneath my bust and then around my waist. I then cut the tuelle about 3 yards and I tied the tuelle around the elastic it. I recommend leaving the tuelle folded the way it comes from the fabric store because when you start tying the tuelle to the elastic it looks better and it fluffs up easier. Once I tied all the tuelle on I then took the string and tied it on the top elastic. Once I put both of them on I realized that the tuelle was a little longer than I liked so I started cutting off pieces to make them shorter and with this pieces I took another piece of elastic and tied it and started tying those pieces of tuelle on. I then used that to put in my hair with a bobby pin and WAAA-LAA! You have a cute loofah! I can\’t even tell you how many compliments I got on this costume and it was by far my favorite costume i\’ve ever worn! :)

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