For me, Halloween is a time to let loose and have some fun and what better way then to become a bath toy! I was a self made loofah for Halloween and the reactions I got were PRICELESS! I had numerous people asking if they could take pictures with me, rub up against me, even try and pick me up as if they were going to wash themselves with me (i’m a small girl so it fit). Needless to say it was a success.

So a little about my costume: the costume is made entirely of hot pink toole (you can obviously choose any color but pink seemed fitting), some stretchy elastic bands that I got from a local fabric store, and some shoe strings. The items cost me about 25 dollars, but like I said the reactions were PRICE-LESSSSSSS!

What I used:

  • 20 yards of hot pink toole
  • 2 elastic bands (any color… they will be hidden but i used white)
  • White shoe string

How To:

  1. With the elastic bands tie one so it fits comfortably under your bust line and one that fits around your waist
  2. Cut the toole into about 12 inch peices ( I eye’d it … doesnt need to be exact measurements !)
  3. After you are done cutting the toole, take a peice or two and start tying it around the elastic bands. No need for knotting it because it stays good with one ‘loop around and pull’. I recommend two peices for extra fluffy loofahness
  4. Keep tieing the toole around both of the elastic bands until it becomes a big puffy mess/ tutu/ball of fun
  5. After that tedious work, what I did was wore hot pink booty shorts and a bandeau and stacked both tutus that had been made, one around my waste and the other around my bust and fluffed that baby up!
  6. I then braided the shoe strings (white) to make the handle of the loofah and attached it to the top tutu right in front.

Oh and dont forget some spray glitter…. duh.

Walllahhh ! There you have it, a loofah! Scrub a dub dub :)