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Original Homemade Loofah Halloween Costume Idea

As a twenty year old college student I attend a lot of Halloween parties during the month of October, because of this I obviously need many costumes but who has the money to go out and buy four or five sixty dollar costumes that everyone else is going to be wearing. So I have been making my own costumes for the past two years, this Halloween I made three but my favorite one was definitely my homemade Loofah Halloween costume idea!

– I went to Los Angeles where fabric is a lot cheaper when you buy it in bulk
– I bought 27 yards of purple sparkly tool <$40
– 1 yard of rope < $1
– 2 packs of 200 safety pins < I used about three hundred give or take a few <$8
– 1 pack of mini hair rubber bands < $1
– 1 spandex tube dress <$5
– 1 pair of clear heals <$10
– 1 sparkly headband <$3
– 1 pack of clear ball rubber bands <$2

= $ 70 < Of course price ranges will differ

– I cut the tool by folding and cutting until I had a square about the size of a laptop

– After all the tool was cut I would grab a square and poof it

– Then I would used the mini rubber bands and just tie them around the bottom of the poof

– After all was poof-ed I put on the spandex tube dress and started from the bottom hem of the dress and started pinning through the rubber banned area onto the dress

– I just started from the bottom and worked my way up then I would rotate the dress until the entire thing was covered

– Once the loofah was complete I looped the rope I had boughten and pinned it into the inside of the dress to look like the rope on a loofah

– Final touches included: gluing the clear balls onto the sparkly headband, spraying my entire body and loofah in glitter, putting on the clear heals, vurled my hair and pinned it all up

– I was going for the in-the-bath look < P.s the glitter was put on so that I looked wet!

Have fun, be creative, stay away from fire with this one, and be safe!!

Homemade Loofah Halloween Costume Idea

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