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Coolest 150+ DIY Shower and Hygiene Costumes

Keep yourself clean with these fantastic shower and hygiene costumes. If you’ve never turned to your cleanliness regimen for your homemade costume inspiration, now is your chance. These soapy ensembles will cause a real splash this Halloween.

From shower stalls to sexy loofahs, and balloon bubble baths, you will splish and splash in these DIY costumes. Check out the different materials to mimic sudsy water. You will see pillow stuffing, balloons and more! In addition, take a look at the tutorials here to build your own private shower stall.

In addition, you will see hilarious Port-a-potty costumes. Many of them are optical illusion costumes. Also, take a look at the awesome couple costume of the Listerine Man and toothbrush.

So enjoy perusing this collection for some good, clean Halloween fun. Get inspired to make your own DIY costume. Then share your costume with us here and inspire others for Halloween!

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