Scary DIY Tooth Fairy Costume

While brainstorming my Halloween costume this year I took inspiration from my greatest childhood fear….the dentist.  As a child my father would let me watch horror movies I wasn’t supposed to watch while my mother was working. Freddie, Jason and Michael never even fazed me and then came the 1996 movie the dentist.  I was never the same, I had been traumatized, from then on I was scared of anything to do with teeth, the dentist, the tooth fairy and that fear still lingers today.  

I started making my costume by using moldable plastic and forming my teeth for my eyes, mouth, wand, crown, necklace and shoes, I also made a few to put in the burlap bag on my side to randomly hand out to people.  Next I bought copper wire and wrapped it around the teeth to form my crown and also used the copper wire with a sheer fabric to form my wings.

I then made a simple tulle skirt and soaked that along with my tank top and tights in coffee grounds and loose tea leaves.  I ended up hand making everything I wore with the exception of the tank top, tights and waist corset.

On the day of a Halloween party I attended, I used liquid latex to form a bloody mouth around both eyes and the bloody mouth around my own mouth and spirit gum to insert the teeth.  

I received the best reactions from this costume.  I had restaurant workers running from me and screaming, people grossed out by me handing them teeth from my bag and a lot of compliments.  I think my favorite is a little boy who came up to me and informed me he couldn’t tell if I was a real person or not.  

I’m pretty new to making my own costume and this was my first time using liquid latex but I’m super proud of how everything turned out. 

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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