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Coolest Dental Hygiene Family Costume

This is my family in a Homemade Dental Hygiene Family Costume. I made this electric toothbrush from stuff I have at home. I used an old bed comforter that the kids don’t use anymore to do the body of the toothbrush. For the head of the brush, I used a hard plastic that I glued as a tube, I glued foam together, made holes in the top foam and placed straws in each hole to form the bristle. I raped everything with another material. Used craft foam to write Oral-b and to do the on/off buttons.

For the tooth costume I used a soft carpet to form the tooth, I used one of my husband’s white sweat shirts to cover, put stuffing in between the carpet and the sweat shirt to for a textured tooth, and to have comfort. I sewed both tooth on one of my white t-shirts. I had craft foam to decorate the tooth (had eyes, mouth and bacteria’s).

I did this toothpaste costume out of one of my white t-shirts. I cut the sleeves. I cut the letters and the forms out of craft foam and glued it on in place. I used printable iron-on to make the instruction in the back, and the symbols. For the hat, I actually used a KFC bucket, cleaned it, wrapped it with shelve liner, and glued strings on it to make like a twist top.

This Tooth Fairy costume made my daughter feel like a “real fairy”. I bought a white dress at a thrift shop for almost nothing since it was dirty. I cleaned it real good, added some glitter to it, made a tooth on the top front of the dress. I bought a crown at a dollar store, put some pearls on it to make it more glamor, and had a tooth made out of glitters. I also bought the wings at a dollar store, traced the lines with glitter glue. Wrote I love tooth one the back, wrapped a stick with silver metallic ribbons, made a tooth out of felt,to had on top of the stick, and voila, a tooth fairy wand!

For the dentist costume, I bought the shirt at a thrift shop, made the mirror, pliers and pick out of craft foam, and got the mask at the hospital.

For the FLOSS costume, got a box, covered it with shelf liner, printed the words and glued it on the box. did 2 little box to had where the floss (the string)pass and get cut.

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