Last year in 2013 due to hurricane sandy our kids unfortunately did not have a Halloween day ! But my daughter already had in mind what she wanted to be the following year…a tooth fairy! Assuming it was just a phase…in the spring she reminded me..right after she had her first dental work of the year, “mom…I’m going to be a tooth fairy for halloween. Dont forget!” Summer ends and I begin receiving costume catalogs..of princesses and fairies..”how about this one Madison..or this one? ” “Mom, did you forget? I told you for years that I want to be a tooth fairy! Oh and please, can it be all white” I begin googling already made tooth fairy costumes and there were none to be found!

We sat down one day and made sketches. She said it had to be all white amd sparkly.”

She needs a wand and crown..because “mom..tooth fairies are fabulous!” That’s my girl!

I created  a dress made out of two types of tulle. A pure white and white with glitter. I measurd  her chest for the elastic band amd lengthwise, i measured her from her underarm to her ankles, then doubling that measurement for the tulle.. I simply tied all my tulle strips onto the elasticband..I folded the tulle strip in half,one emd behind the elastic.and then taking the ends putting it through the loop amd knot it. Did that all around until the dress loomed full.I created a pillow tooth out of white felt paper..stuffed it with pillow filling and sewed it together, glued on some rhinestones with fabric glue and sewed it onto the top portion of the dress in the middle. Her tooth wand..I created a tooth out of modeling clay, and stuck a wooden 3/4″ rod wrapped in white ribbon. Once the tooth dried..I painted it with a glitter white acrylic paint. With the left over clay, I created smaller teeth that she gave out to her friends. Her tiara. She had a crown alreadt..I adorned it with tiny teeth also made of clay and extra rhinestones . Finished the costume up with a white ballet leotard amd silver combat boots.