Tooth was sketched into white fabric, cut out twice, sewn and stuffed, then I sewed it onto an XL t-shirt. Fairy dress was an old prom dress and homecoming crown. The necklace is yarn with kids’ teeth holders glued together. I handmade the purse out of the same white fabric as the tooth costume and attached a nice ribbon as the handle.

I put an opening in it and filled it with play money coins and dollars, as the tooth fairy would! An old children’s toy fairy wand with tooth cutouts on each side and a ribbon tied on the bottom makes a great tooth fairy accessory. The giant toothbrush can be made easily by screwing a scrub brush onto a 2×4 plank of wood, you can spray paint them both the same color so that it looks like one piece. Extra sparkles can be added anywhere you’d like for a nice touch!