HOW I MADE IT – The Tooth:
Supplies:  2 regular pillows, 2 long pillows, 1 white sheet, 1 big needle and thick white thread
1.) Sew the edges of the pillows together, alternating between long pillows and regular pillows to create a “cube shape.”
2.) Cut up the bottoms of the long pillows and shape the corners to form the roots, then sew edges.
3.) Cut armholes towards the top of the pillow (you may want to step into the cube to get correct placement), then sew edges.
WARNING:  this was not easy to make, took me almost 9 hours but it was really worth it.
I bought a crown for him to wear as well at party city.

HOW I MADE IT – The Tooth Fairy Costume:
I bought everything on Pink tool belt, wings, crown, wand, wig, plastic teeth, body pray glitter and skirt.  I had the pliers, tank top and shoes already. I decided to buy a wedding dress, crinoline bridal petticoat skirt because it was lined and a little longer than a standard tutu.  I made the tooth necklace and bracelet by buying a bag of plastic tooth necklaces from Oriental Trading ( and then just stringing more teeth on it instead of just the one tooth that came on each plastic necklace.  HINT: buy kids wings, they are smaller, cheaper and don’t get in the way.  My entire costume cost about $40.00.