Simply wrap yourself in toilet paper, melt some chocolate and smear it all over, and grab yourself a poo pillow! Be careful though, the toilet paper may rip and cause chocoalte to smear on your actual clothes, this was one issue for me, but it was worth the trouble! This was my fiance’s and I first Halloween together dressing up and we wanted to be creative. He and I love potty humor so this was a perfect costume for us. People gave us very strange looks as we walked the streets of Hawaii. One little kid said “Mom, he has a poop pillow! hahaha” It was very entertaining to see peoples reactions because I am sure some people just thought we were immature weirdos.

We enjoyed all the strange looks though because it made it all that more funny for us. This idea came to me when I was looking up interracial costumes and after looking at lots of lame ideas I thought to myself “what is brown, poop! but what is white? toilet paper! Perfect!” We had all the supplies and we realized this was a perfect costume for us. Its cheap, its funny, and it fits our personality perfectly!

We walked around and saw so many people dressed in skimpy outfits and who were trying to look “sexy” and here we were dressed like poop and toilet paper. Im sure this was a first for many people. Maybe this even inspired a few young kids to be themselves and have fun for Halloween! Superheros? No! Princesses? No! Fast food worker? no! Why not be poop and toilet paper. This is a natural thing that happens to everyone, so why not dress up as something people can really relate to. Have a blast and get weird stares like we did. it will be worth it.