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Halloween has always been a huge deal with my family; I have never bought a costume! I have been everything from Cruella De Ville to a dead prom queen. My parents have been everything from Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein to Dr. Jackal, Mr. Hyde. We absolutely love Halloween at my house, we used to turn our garage into a haunted house with our homemade witch’s potion that let off green smoke, tombstones that we made with different clever sayings on them, strobe lights, and spider webs with giant spiders crawling throughout. My mom was also my grade school room mom, which meant she came up for the all the classroom holiday parties. All the kids and other parents would always get so excited to see my mom’s costume and spooky Halloween treats she would make the class! My family has always gone above and beyond with costumes and Halloween celebrations and I can’t wait to continue the traditions one day with my own kids!

I came up with the toilet costume when my mom and I were joking around one night before Halloween brain storming ideas. We started getting slap happy and naming off everything we saw. I named the toilet and we both laughed really hard, but then I thought ‘no this could actually work!’ So we figured out what materials we would need and how we could construct this costume and went to work.

The toilet costume I actually ended up making with both my grandpas. We started with a big delivery box that we spray painted white and cut arms, head, and legs holes. We then took a plastic salad bowl spray painted white and drilled it into the box for the toilet bowl. We then bought a toilet lid and flusher from Home Depot and attached that to the box along with a toilet paper roll holder made out of a clothes hanger.

If you spray paint the box and bowl the night before you want to make the costume it won’t take too long to put it all together, make sure the bowl is about the same size as the toilet lid so they can be easily drilled together.

Homemade Toilet Costume

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