Coolest Porcelain Goddess Costume

For this Homemade Porcelain Goddess Costume I made the back wall with a large piece of foam core recovered with checkered yellow and white contact paper. On this back wall I affixed the toilet paper roll off to the side and the porcelain toilet tank that I would wear over my head like a hat (the flusher was made with a sideways chrome whistle).

I wore all white and painted my face white as well. I built a “toilet throne” out of curled cardboard for the base and foam for the main part of the toilet, which I secured together and made uniform by using white duct tape over the whole throne.

I affixed an actual toilet seat to it (I bought it new for the occasion – the smallest, lightest and cheapest one on the market!) and built in a large belt that came out from the sides of the rear and went around my waist.

Inside the toilet, I used a clear bowl that had battery powered lights placed underneath it – so when I opened the lid of the toilet, the light shone out.

My initial plan was to have dry ice and angel music coming from the inside of the bowl whenever I lifted the lid, but that ended up getting cut.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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