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Our 2011 Costume Contest winner ($500 cash prize) is Serra Hirsch from NYC for her Photostrip and Prisoner costumes (below). Her devotion to inspire people with her costumes has inspired us to create this separate page where you can get to know Serra and view her creations. (See our official announcement on the 2011 Costume Contest Winner Hall of Fame page...) Not only has Serra’s enthusiasm for costume-making inspired people to build their own costumes, it has even inspired filmmaker friend, Mary, to create this not-to-miss short movie documenting the life of one very passionate costume-make... (Shot, Edited and Directed by Mary C. Matthews)   A bit about Serra… As the first American child in a very French household, Serra didn’t get to dress up much for Halloween. She wasn’t allowed to trick or treat because the concept of getting candy from strangers seemed crazy to her native French parents. However, at the age of 12 she slept at a friend’s house and discovered the magic of Halloween. From that day on she dressed up on almost every Halloween. “The first time I went to the Halloween parade in NYC was around 96 or 97,” recalls Serra. “I loved the audience participation, the energy and the atmosphere.” Her first "installation" costume was the "Eggs and Bacon" costume in 1999.  “The reactions and smiles and interactions that it generated was what did it for me,” says Serra. “ I loved it (minus the kids who threw eggs at me later on in the evening and the drunk guy who took a bite out of my Styrofoam bacon). What I love when I make a successful costume is how it is neutrally clever - it works in any language, appeals to any age, gender, or social group... just generates good old-fashioned smiles." Serra has her own puppet/prop building business and also does voice work.