Coolest Photo Booth Picture Strip Costume

Homemade Photo Booth Picture Strip Costume

The first step in building this giant Photo Booth Picture Strip costume was to pick the outfit I was going to wear on the night of the parade (paying careful attention to the weather forecast!) a few weeks prior and posing for a bunch of stereotypical “photo booth” pics wearing that outfit. I created the … Read more

Coolest Prisoner in a Visiting Booth Costume

Prisoner in a Visiting Booth Costume

For this Prisoner in a Visiting Booth Costume I made a two sided “prison visiting booth” out of foam core which I covered with cheesy wood paneling contact paper and a clear plastic film to recreate the glass between the two sides of the “visiting booth.” I attached two identical black phone handsets with old … Read more

Coolest Eggs and Bacon Costume

Homemade Eggs and Bacon Costume

This Homemade Eggs and Bacon Costume is the easiest costume EVER. I cut out a large piece of wavy edged cardboard I painted white to create the “egg white,” making an opening for my head in the middle. Got two pieces of Styrofoam that I shaped and painted to look like Bacon and affixed them … Read more

Coolest Fire Hydrant Being Peed on by a Dog Costume

Homemade Fire Hydrant Being Peed on by a Dog Costume

Using foam core and brick contact paper, I created a building wall where it meets the sidewalk, including a sidewalk all the way to the curb (always overly ambitious, I also built part of the street with the drain and the manhole cover, but those had to be cut from the costume due to size … Read more

Coolest Damsel In Distress Costume

Damsel In Distress Costume

For this Damsel In Distress Costume I used a large piece of foam core and made an opening just large enough for my head to fit through near the top on one end of it. I painted the foam core to look like rocks/pebbles. Using other cut pieces of foam core painted brown, I made … Read more

Coolest Porcelain Goddess Costume

Homemade Porcelain Goddess Costume

For this Homemade Porcelain Goddess Costume I made the back wall with a large piece of foam core recovered with checkered yellow and white contact paper. On this back wall I affixed the toilet paper roll off to the side and the porcelain toilet tank that I would wear over my head like a hat … Read more

Coolest Deer over a Fireplace Costume

Homemade Deer Over a Fireplace Costume

I built a fireplace with a mantle out of foam core and covered it with brick contact paper. The Homemade Deer over a Fireplace Costume was affixed to me using 2 straps/belts that crisscrossed in the back and attached to the foam core above and below the mantle. On the mantle itself, I created a … Read more

Coolest Claw Arcade Game Costume

Claw Arcade Game Costume

For this Claw Arcade game costume, I put myself inside the game as one of the “stuffed animals.” I built the arcade box with foam core, using clear plastic film to reproduce the glass (the front one didn’t close completely so I could talk/breathe comfortably without claustrophobia setting in). At the bottom of the inside … Read more