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Coolest Deer over a Fireplace Costume

I built a fireplace with a mantle out of foam core and covered it with brick contact paper. The Homemade Deer over a Fireplace Costume was affixed to me using 2 straps/belts that crisscrossed in the back and attached to the foam core above and below the mantle.

On the mantle itself, I created a stack of 4-5 fake antique books (by making foam core books and gluing colored copies of actual vintage book covers on them), had a Whiskey “decanter” with a fancy stopper and two glasses (made out of an empty clear plastic juice container with yellow colored lighting gel inside and fake crystal salt and pepper shakers without the lids for the glasses), a lamp (a battery operated candle light altered to look like a regular sized lamp, with a mini chandelier lampshade attached on the tiny bulb) and a picture frame.

In the fireplace, I made “logs” with altered kitchen paper cardboard rolls that that had a small opening in the center of the “bundle,” with a bunch of battery operated flickering tea lights installed underneath – I also cut out yellow, orange and red plastic gels and attached them in the center of the “logs” to look like rising flames.

Near the top of the Homemade Deer over a Fireplace Costume, I had attached a “picture light” that illuminated the spot above the mantle – where I had made an opening for my head to pop out of as “The Deer Head over the Fireplace.”

For around my neck, I built a cardboard “mounting stand” that I covered with wood contact paper. I did my makeup to resemble a deer and wore ears and antlers that I made using an old headband, coat hangers and paper mache.

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