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Coolest Damsel In Distress Costume

For this Damsel In Distress Costume I used a large piece of foam core and made an opening just large enough for my head to fit through near the top on one end of it. I painted the foam core to look like rocks/pebbles.

Using other cut pieces of foam core painted brown, I made wide “wood” beams (vertically across the large piece) and two other longer horizontal pieces I sprayed in bronze metallic to create train tracks.

On one side of the train tracks, I affixed a large train locomotive I built using mainly metal air duct pieces that I spray painted metallic bronze and black. The strategically placed “Smoke Stack” for the locomotive was made with a shaped coat hanger and gray panty hose.

The light of the locomotive was created using a powerful rechargeable flashlight with a “hold” button to keep it turned on. On the other side of the train tracks, I had an “X’ shaped “Train Crossing” sign with flashing lights.

For the center of the Damsel In Distress Costume, I made a little humanette puppet of a busty woman wearing white and lace (a “Humanette” puppet is a “puppet” where the puppeteer’s face is the face of the puppet with a little puppet body) and attached her to the train tracks using an assortment of ropes, chains and padlocks (lighter prop ones purchased at the Halloween stores, of course) – with my head through the hole, my head appeared to be hers, while my hands are free to reach down to the bottom of her feet where I had attached 2 dowels to the heels of her feet so I could wiggle them frantically in unison with my “Damsel in Distress” cries.

I also kept throwing terrified glances at the bright light shinning in my face of the “oncoming” locomotive. Oh, the drama!

Damsel In Distress Costume

Damsel In Distress Costume

Damsel In Distress Costume

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  1. I so love the creativity you put into your costumes. Halloween in my favorite holiday because we get to become whatever it is we want to become, even a damsel in distress caught on the tracks with a train fast approaching! Looking forward to more of your creations, keep up the great work!


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