Bloody Pad and Tampons Costume

I made my mom this costume in 2009. It all came with a random idea, I think I was on my period. lol 
1. I got a styrofoam (I had left from my s

I made my mom this bloody pad and tampons costume in 2009. It all came with a random idea, I think I was on my period. lol 1. I got a Styrofoam (I had left from my sweet 15th that summer) 2. I cut it up in the shape of a pad. 3. I cut … Read more

Coolest Tampons Costume

Homemade Tampon Costume

Here’s our interpretation of the “Monthly gift from Mother Nature…” I wanted to do something really funny and make a costume that no one else would be demented enough to make. So I decided to take what all of us women are made to deal with each month (of course I am talking about our … Read more

Cool Tampons Costume

Homemade Tampax to the Max Super Plus Costume

Well, I wanted to be different, shocking without too gross, funny and spend less than $30. I ended up spending $21 and winning a lot more. Needed: Big Box – free Blue poster board (1-3 sheets) – $1 each at $1 store Clear or white contact paper – 4 rolls – $3/roll 1 bundle of … Read more

Coolest Homemade PMS Pantyliner Costume

Homemade PMS Pantyliner Costume

I wanted something original and funny. This Homemade PMS Pantyliner Costume is what I came up with. I basically took a huge box (flat screen TV) and cut it into the shape of a pad. I took a mattress pad, purchased from Walmart, for 15 bucks, and wrapped it around the cardboard. Cinching it in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tampon Man Costume

Homemade Tampon Man Costume

I was struggling to figure out what to be for Halloween, so I decided to use some resources around the house. My mother recently purchased a mirror for the bathroom, and the box had to be used. I couldn’t resist since it was in the bathroom, to use another hygiene product. I quickly went to … Read more

Coolest Tampax Costume

Homemade Tampax Costume

The idea for this Tampax costume came from the other two girls on this site who had done this costume previously. I saw them and thought it was absolutely brill! This was a bit of a risky costume for me as it was for a fancy dress day in SCHOOL! Luckily for me the teachers … Read more