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Coolest Homemade Tampon Man Costume

I was struggling to figure out what to be for Halloween, so I decided to use some resources around the house. My mother recently purchased a mirror for the bathroom, and the box had to be used. I couldn’t resist since it was in the bathroom, to use another hygiene product.

I quickly went to the local hardware store to buy some blue spray paint. I then laid the box out flat and proceeded to spray paint the entire thing blue. My friend owns a vinyl sticker shop so I packed up the box and a package of tampons and was on my way. We sat down and designed the way the box would look with the stickers on it.

Printed and cut, then the master piece was taking shape. I went to the store a bought poster board and created “tampons” coming out of the top and filled them with cotton. Now all I had to do was try to fit inside the box all while not destroying it.

Once inside I realized that it was not going to be the most comfortable, but stylish nonetheless. I also needed something to cap my head off, to make it too look like part of the package. I quickly headed to the local thrift store to find a perfect hat. In a matter of minutes I was walking out with the perfect garment. A polar bear fur white hat. It couldn’t have been put there for me even if I asked them to.

The Homemade Tampon Man Costume was complete! Now all I had to endure was the horrible jokes and the uncomfortable standing I was going to have to do!!

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  1. That is awesome. I’m going this year as a box of tampons. My friend had done this like 5 years back, and I’m doing it . . . cash prizes for #1 costume at all the bars here… Hoping to make some money.


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