Coolest Tampax Costume

The idea for this Tampax costume came from the other two girls on this site who had done this costume previously.

I saw them and thought it was absolutely brill! This was a bit of a risky costume for me as it was for a fancy dress day in SCHOOL! Luckily for me the teachers all thought it was hilarious and I wasn’t sent home or made to take it off!

The costume was really cheap to make – costing me less than £10. It took me about 2 days to make – this is because I had to wait for the paint to dry overnight!

If you want to make this costume then all you need is:

-A large cardboard box: this is free (just go into any supermarket and ask for one)
-Blue, red and white paint: this cost me £1.50 a bottle from WH Smiths
-Black marker pen: about 20p from Wilkos
-String: already had this
-Pleated cotton wool: about £1 from Boots
-Paint brushes: set of 3 from Wilkos about £2.50
-Cling film: already had
-Baseball hat: already had
-6 Pencils: already had
-A3 paper: £1.50 a pad from Tesco
-2 real tampons: already had
-White clothes: already had
-Masking tape: 70p from Wilkos

To make:
The box is the easiest part:
-cut off the flaps from the bottom of the box so that this is open and you can walk, then cut out a head hole and some arm holes.
– on the side that you have decided is your front, use masking tape to mark out a square in the middle of the box, then mix together some blue and white paint and paint inside this square.
-When this is done remove the masking tape and paint the rest of the box in just blue paint (no white mixed in).
-You then need to wait for this to dry which can take a while so I sat with my hairdryer on it for a while!
-When it was dry I painted the big red streak across the middle
-For the writing on the box I created stencils – to do this. I used Wordart on the computer, I printed out the words in the sizes that I wanted and then cut the letters out to make a stencil on the paper – then I taped this down and painted over the stencil in white paint. When all the paint was dry I outlined these words in black marker to make them stand out. (I’d recommend using thick card instead of paper though as I found some of the paint soaked through the paper and so had to tidy up the edges of my letters when it had all dried!)
– On the back of the box I had 4 water droplets which as you know show how absorbent your tampon is! I made these in a similar way to the letters but painted them in light blue rather than white.
-Finally, when you’re box is totally finished and dry, spray the box in hairspray so if it rains this should stop the paint from running too much! (luckily for me the rain held off though!)

The Tampon is the hard part! I tried loads of different ways and eventually ended up doing it like this:
-get an old baseball cap that you no longer want and cut the peak off it
-using the masking tape stick the 6 pencils around bottom of the hat facing upwards
– then stick a few pieces of the A3 paper together and “roll” it around the pencils, this should form a sort of tube shape.
– then on the outside of this A3 paper tube use either double sided tape or do what I did and just double back the masking tape you already have – put loads of this around the paper and then wrap it in the pleated cotton wool
– stuff the middle of your tube with newspaper and then stick some of the cotton wool over the top
– stick you’re piece of string to the inside of the baseball cap and have it dangle down over your box
– with it being February I was a bit worried it might rain which is why I decided to cover my “tampon” in cling film, this also helped keep it all together as the cotton wool didn’t stick very well.
– you’re now ready to wear your tampon!!! Because you’ve used a baseball hat it should fit pretty well and stay on!

Finishing touches:
-wear all white
-hook the strong from real tampons around your ears and wear them as earrings!

Also make sure you have lots of people willing to hold doors open for you as its pretty tricky getting through them! Also it’s kind of difficult to eat whilst wearing it as you can’t reach your mouth because the box is so big – So you need someone to feed you! If you do have a drink then id recommend having a straw so you can balance it on your box and then just suck!

Would definitely recommend people make this costume! It gets so much attention from people and I can bet most people will never have seen someone come to a party dressed as a giant tampon before! Also if there’s a competition for best dressed then you’re bound to win!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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