Coolest Tampons Costume

Here’s our interpretation of the “Monthly gift from Mother Nature…”

I wanted to do something really funny and make a costume that no one else would be demented enough to make. So I decided to take what all of us women are made to deal with each month (of course I am talking about our period), and make my husband experience it for one night (well a little of it anyway).

I took a Tampax box and studied it. You need a box big enough for whoever is tricked into, I mean talked into wearing it. You’ll also need blue spray paint (my box took two cans, but I think if I would have used primer I could have gotten by with just one). Remember to let your box dry all the way before painting anything else. A little artistic touch with a black sharpie(I free handed everything on the Tampax box before painting it).

You’ll also need a set of poster paints and different sized paint brushes. I also used q-tips for some of the lettering.

For the “tampons” I used white poster board rolled up and stapled (staples facing toward the back, I tried tape but found staples to hold up better), cotton batting found at any craft store (I used several small bags, I also recommend bringing extra in case some fall out), and white string (attached to inside bottom of box with tape).

For the “face part of the tampon” put it on the person, trace the face then cut out, there will also be cut outs above the shoulders (this will be hidden). It doesn’t really matter what they wear underneath, of course I would recommend clothing because they might want to sit sometime during the evening.

My costume was kind of an after thought, I wanted it to be a “couples” costume so I decided to keep with the “period” theme and be Aunt Flow. Easy to make. Just dress in all red, get an old t-shirt and cut the sleeves and bottom of the shirt so it “flows” or moves (think 80’s Flashdance), write Aunt Flow on the front (I am sure most are familiar with this nickname for the period, if not there are a million others that you can also write), grab some red pants or sweats, and a red wig (I bought a cheap devil wig and cut off the horns). The black hat I cut in a circle to represent, what else “a period”. I just glued that on with a hot glue gun (preferably while not wearing it). I didn’t think that a lot of people would understand the black “period” hat but they did so I am sure your party people will too.

It took some hard work and a little elbow grease, but the pay off is huge. Best costume I have ever made. Good luck and Happy Halloween. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Tampons Costume”

  1. I was looking for a funny but “different” from everyone else couple costume idea. And it doesn’t get anymore different than this. I Love this! Thanks for the idea! I am going to do this, This Halloween for sure!

  2. At our halloween party we have costume and food contest. As soon as I came across this I emailed a friend of mine this picture and told her that this is what her costume should be and she could bring her nasty used tampon dish along with it and I think she would most likely to win the nastiest overall! lol


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