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Coolest Tissue Box Costume

I have always enjoyed making my costume every Halloween so this year would be no different. While searching around the house for a unique idea for this years’ Halloween, I came across a box “Puffs Tissue” and thought this would be the perfect idea!

Materials needed to construct life size “Puffs Homemade Tissue Box Costume”:

1. One large box
2. Contact paper
3. Construction paper (various colors depending on the color scheme you want to use)
4. A utility knife (for cutting holes in the box)
5. Glue stick
6. Tape
7. Tissue paper
8. Permanent marker

Using and old box, cut a hole in the top (for your head) and holes on each side (for your arms). Covered the box with white contact paper, and using an actual box of “Puffs” as a model, draw and cut out letters for the box. Once you have the size and font right, glue them to the box using a glue stick or rubber cement.

Feel free to add a few extra details (ie. paper banner that says “WITH LOTION” or “WITH ALOE”). Once complete, take tissue paper and secure it using tape to the inside of the box around the opening for your head.

This only takes a couple hours to create and practically all of the supplies can be found around the house. It was definitely a show stopper!!

Homemade Tissue Box Costume

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