Outhouse Costume

I have seen a boy in a white outhouse picture online and that was my inspiration for this costume. I got boxes from my grand-dad (washer and dryer boxes). My cousin Chad and I spent two days constructing the costume. We cut and applied the ‘wood panel’ contact paper (two rolls from Kmart for $12), my husband contributed the twine.

The hardest part of this project was the time spent adjusting the twine so I could carry everything over the shoulders.

Get in one box and cut the door out of the other box. We cut across top and down the two front creases half way and folded the flap inward to make the self. Stuffed some jeans and socks (go light the jeans and tennis shoes were very heavy!).

We cut air holes in the top as well as seeing holes on the sides. I carried a roll of toilet paper and my local newspaper. We also made paper Mache poop and painted brown (no picture available). I turned around with my back to the crowd, shook the outhouse and dropped the poop, it was a real hoot!

We cut a moon in the door and added a twine handle so I could reach to hold it shut. The door is held on by the contact paper. The door closed was such fun, you can see them but they can’t really see you until you open it and I threw wadded up toilet paper at people all night! I got first place and won $125.00 which I split with my cousin. It was a lot of fun and we got rewarded too.

Total Spent: $12

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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