I got a huge fridge box, cut a “door in it, then had my son put the box on over him to make sure I marked the right spots I wanted things to be in, then hot glued gunned in a so called “step” the size of the inside of the box and big enough to fit the pants etc. Also to make it appear that someone was siting on a toilet. Then I had to stuff a pair of kids pants with news paper and tied the part around the waist, but not to tight, wanted it to look real looking, then glued and stapled it to the “step”.

Then had my son put the box on over him to make sure things were exactly the way I wanted it to be, which I had to redo some of it! Then I had added a pair of suspenders as added help since the box kept sliding around on him. I also added a roll of t-paper and strung it to the side of the “step” and painted the inside and outside of the box wood colored, also took an old box and cut up some “roofing shingles” and hot glued gun to the top of the box to make it look more like an outhouse. That took a long time since we had to overlap them to make it look like a real roof!

Then once they were on, we painted them a wood color also, we had my son wear it to the bowling ally contest which he won 1st prize. He was the life of the party with this costume, soooo much comments! Also we decided to wear it to his school for their Halloween contest, which was so hilarious everyone loved it. We had people ask to have pictures taken! Even his principal loved it! was a huge hit! It took a week or so to gather everything up and put together but I telling you it was a huge hit, but walking around with it wasn’t easy so we had to cut a part off the back since it was bothering him, then towards the end of the night the “step started to come undone which we had to use duct tape on, so maybe more glue or something.