Homemade Hairy Hot-Tub Guy with Hotties Costume

The idea hit me while I was at the dinner table. I quickly sketched it out on a yellow post it note. (I still have that sketch somewhere.) For the past few years, i have been making my costumes out of cardboard boxes. most of them I found searching behind grocery stores, alleys, furniture stores, you name it. The big ones are harder to find. As far as cutting away from the box goes, this was pretty simple. Just an open box on both ends. The tricky part was how to fix it to my body. It had to be below the waist. I wanted it to be as if I am sitting in the hot tub with no shirt on. And I wanted my hands to be free, so I didnt have to hold it up all night. The answer….. wire coat hangers, and a belt. The “bubbles” were packages of fake snow and they were dusted with light blue spray paint for effect, and then hot glued to the outsides, and insides of the box. I have a special “wood grain, plastic stamp contraption” that I used to paint the wood grain lines on the outside of the box. You can probably buy at any crafting store. THE BEST PART OF THIS STORY IS HOW I GOT THE BLOW UP DOLLS….. Yes those are two blow up dolls with wigs on either one. (get yur mind out of the gutter. I am a married man. ha ha ha). Since I always wait til the last minute to do anything, I needed the blowup dolls right away. I was at work, so who do I ask to go…..? My extremely pregnant wife. Yes, my wife had to walk into an adult toy store six months pregnant. She said she got some funny looks when we walked up to the counter with two blow up dolls. Ha ha ha. I only needed the top half of each of the girls. So I tied them off at the waist, filled them with air, and attached them to the box with more belts. I finished off the look with fake chest hair, a fake mustache, a few gold chains, and flip flops. It was extremely light weight and easy to walk around. As long as I stayed outside….. Thank you.