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Cool DIY Costume Idea: Shower Curtain Costume

I am a mom of three girls  I have an 8 year old and twin 10 year olds. This year I was going to just recycle old costumes but unfortunately one of the twins was unable to fit in a skirt for one if the costumes. So we got to talking and not sure if it was her idea or mine (I will give her the credit since I am a great Mom) but we decided okay let’s do a shower time theme costume and not spend a lot of money doing it. Ended up being around $30. With only our imagination and a few items we were able to create the shower curtain costume. Although without her Dad’s engineering prowess and free metal pipe we would not have been as successful!!

We started by purchasing the shower curtain and finding matching accessories ie shower cap. We already had the flip flops and she borrowed her sisters robe. We already had some extra shower curtain rings but had to go buy a hula hoop. Let me tell you hula hoops are not cheap in the fall season. We also purchased a funnel, a cheap shower curtain rod, duct tape and tinsel (thank goodness stores put our Christmas items so early!) we also got some rope which we did not end up using but it felt weird checking out with rope and duct tape!  Anyway my husband thought of using a suitcase we already had and luckily it had a handle on it and he was able to bend us a small pipe at work. about an hour later and after gobs and gobs of duct tape and aluminum foil we were able to get everything taped together.  The costume is really cute but hopefully it won’t outshine the cheerleader and jellyfish who will be trick or treating with the shower curtain

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