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Coolest Bathtub Halloween Costume

Splish Splash I was Taking A Bath when I suddenly came up with this idea for a costume.


Empty shampoo bottles
Rubber Duck
Storage Bin
Shower Head
Water Sandals
Shaving Cream
Shower Cap

The first step was to cut the bottom out of the storage bin so that I could stand in it. Then, I blew up lots of balloons to use as bubbles and attached the to the inside of the container with tape.

I attached a metal rod by actually screwing it into the plastic with some help from my brother. Then, I took the shower head off my shower and put it on the costume. To make it look like there was water coming down. I taped spring to the bottom of the shower head.

I wore a bathing suit and shower cap and put shaving cream on my face to look like soap. Finally I hung random shower accessories down the sides of the tub.

I attached speakers to the inside and played “Splish Splash” all day long at school. It was a blast.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Bathtub Halloween Costume”

  1. OK, I know that this is not a very original idea, but you made it totally your own! Like the splish splash is the cutest thing ever, and it took guts to wear a bathing suit and shaving cream on your head…WAY TO GO GIRL!


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