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Laura first submitted costumes to our 2008 costume contest. She submitted a total of 16 costumes (!!!) at once and “I didn't even submit them all," she said. We were so impressed and inspired by Laura’s passion and talent for costume making that we rewarded her a special prize - a new 10 Mega Pixel Cannon Elph Camera so that she can continue to photograph her wonderful creations. Now we’re waiting to see what Laura comes up with next. Laura started making costumes when she started high school. Two weeks every year her school has "Spirit Week" where each day has a theme. Most people dress up a bit, but Laura got hooked. “I've always been pretty craftsy and this was a super fun way to express myself,” says Laura. “I love to make people laugh and point and always have to make a better costume than last time. I have a reputation at my school... I think some people are scared of me. Some think I'm crazy, and most just don't know what to think. But I love it and wouldn't want it any other way. What can I say? Costumes just make life more fun. To tell you the truth, my parents and family are only just tolerant of my craziness.” Well, then, Laura, we’re more than tolerant of your “craziness”. Keep sending us your costumes and we’ll just keep following with great delight!