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Coolest Rocket Ship Halloween Costume

3…2…1… BLASTOFF!! This costume was for the 1960s Day at my school and the space race was certainly an exciting time.

The frame of this costume uses my favorite costume building technique, cardboard strips enforced with wire. Basically, you take some lightweight wire and glue it between 2 cardboard strips. There are ring after ring of these strips in this costume, as well as some solid cardboard pieces on the top.

Once the frame was built, I chose 2 colors of shinny material, blue and purple, and attached them with double sided sticky tape. Note: do not use hot glue on shiny material because it will warp the material.

The fins are held on by cutting a slit in the spaceship and gluing them onto the inside with flaps.

The window I am looking out of is a cardboard circle covered in black garbage bag material. Then, I just found some old bolts in my basement and hot glued them around the outside.

The streamers represented the fire and finished off the costume.

You can’t see in the picture, but I also had a bike helmet made into an astronaut helmet.

Fun Fun Fun!

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  1. I was reading thru a few of your costumes and noticed how much you were using wire and cardboard. I used that a few times but my costumes have to survive up to four showings and possible rain so I found the perfect material in the building isle at Home Depot (or wherever) they have multi thicknesses of stiff insulating foam sheets that can be painted/glued/tacked and they are light as a feather. You can use a razor knife to cut them into any shape (i.e Viking ship to jigsaw puzzle)

    Good luck with your great hobby.



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