Coolest Toaster Costume

I was making a piece of bread in the morning, tired, getting ready for school, when I burned myself on my toaster. Ouch! But then it occurred to me what a great costume a toaster would make.

This is made mainly with a box, so finding the right size was the hardest part for me. I finally went to an appliance store and the owners gave me a box.

The next hardest part was making the bread. I made the bread out of two pieces of cardboard with Styrofoam in the middle. I Painted the outsides so that they would look more like bread.

Covering the box with white plastic fabric was a breeze. Then I took aluminum foil and attached that to the top to make it look more realistic.

Finally I found an old extension cord and tapped that on the inside where the tape couldn’t be seen.

For my hair I put way too much hairspray and paint and messed it up the best I could to look like I was being fried. I think it came out pretty well.

This was for an assembly for my school, so I wrote my class “2009” on the bread and popped the bread up whenever my class won something.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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