Coolest Washing Machine Costume

I had a weekend to choose my costume and I think that I chose the coolest costume by far!! A Homemade Washing Machine Costume.

-old clothes (tshirts, socks, pants, ect.)
-Grill or other appliance dials (available at hardware store)
-Smaill round metal thimbles(available at hardware store but not under this name. Anything that looks like a button will do)
-small hamper
-empty detergent and stain remover bottles
-light switch frame
-duct tape
-cellophane plastic wrap (get the type they sell at craft stores; it works better)
-printer and computer
-cardboard box
-white spray paint (but any white paint works)
-exacto knife
Total spent: $15.22

1. Paint the box white and wait for it to dry
2. With an exact knife, cut a decent sized hole in the front
3. Take the cellophane and tape it in the inside if the box so it looks like glass on the outside of the box
4. Tape clothes in the inside of the box so that that is the only thing you can see through the hole
5. Tape the dials on the box
6. Tape the “thimbles” on so they look like buttons
7. Print out a time on a black piece of paper so it looks like a timer on the washer
8. Print out a logo of a company that makes washers and dryers
9. Frame the logo in the light switch frame and tape on box
10. Tape timer on box
11. Tape hamper with detergent and clothes on box flap at top
12. Tape clothes all around
13. Hand a shirt around your shoulders
14. Wear a white top
15. Step into box and hood should not be too heavy

I used a mesh hamper as my trick or treat bag; good luck and remember, don’t exactly follow my rules; BE CREATIVE. This is just exactly that I did.

Homemade Washing Machine Costume

Homemade Washing Machine Costume

Homemade Washing Machine Costume

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