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Coolest Washing Machine Halloween Costume

My wee boy, Cooper, is washing machine daft. He knows all the makes and loves looking at them in books etc. We decided to make him a washing machine Halloween costume. We made it from an old vacuum cleaner box(the perfect size for a 3 year old)and made a hole for his head and a hole each side for his arms.

Drew a circle for the washer door and cut it out. We used the plastic lid from my electric steamer for the door. Glued on white paper and drew on the buttons, dial, hose etc. Copied the manufacturers signs and glued them on.(Hoover, Indesit etc) We found an old hose in the garage and secured it on with cable ties. The washing basket was 99p. We cut the bottom out of it and hung some old clothes from it. He was delighted with it. It was so easy to do and only spent 99p on the whole thing. Everything else we had around the house.

What a great website!

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  1. This is absolutely awesome!!!!! Seeing as I do a lot of laundry and love to do it, I’m going as this for halloween at our campground this year. Thx for the fantastic idea!!!! :)


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