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Coolest Homemade Clothes Washer Halloween Costume

We decided that a fun costume would be to take a cardboard box and make it look like a clothes washer and then attach a cheap wash basket to the top where my daughter’s head was in. We put some pieces of clothing in the basket and had a sock sticking out the door.

We fortunately had a skull toy for some reason that we also used as a dial for the washer.

We also made a fake box of laundry detergent that my daughter could hold in her hand or set on top of the washer.

A Homemade Clothes Washer Halloween Costume like this was nice because the child can dress warm underneath it for our cold Wisconsin Octobers. On the other hand it was a pain if she ever wanted to sit down, someone would have to help her remove the box so she could relax for awhile!

Unfortunately in this picture she isn’t smiling! I kept having her take off and put back on the costume while we trying to get it right and she was getting really tired of it! Laughing!

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