This Homemade Laundry Basket Halloween Costume was an original idea and very easy to make! I was the only person with this costume on and got lots of compliments throughout the night.

To start, I bought a wicker/plastic laundry basket that had a linen lining. Since the bottom was just the linen cloth, I cut that out and made sure it fit as a “dress”. I then sewed heavy cloth on the sides as straps to keep the laundry basket in place. After the laundry basket had straps, I added the laundry.

I safety-pinned clothes all over the top of the basket to the linen lining on the top of the laundry basket and to other pieces of clothing. I used lots of colorful and different pieces, including shirts, bras, underwear (new), and socks. I made sure they were safety-pinned as much as possible so there was no way I was losing anything!

Don’t use too many pieces, otherwise the basket will get heavy as the night goes on and get a bit uncomfortable. To top off the costume, I put a sock in my hair as a headband. Lastly, underneath the basket I wore a bathing suit to make it look as if the basket was all I was wearing.

This was my favorite costume I have ever worn! It was very easy to create and so much fun to wear. It did not take much time or money yet looked so good. This idea can be taken in a number of different ways and re-invented by anyone to fit their personality.