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Coolest DIY Laundry Team Costume

Washer/Dryer Costume:
– Two cardboard boxes wrapped in white paper
– 2 Tupperware bowls for the front loader look (Hot glued to box)
– Copper pipe insulation for around the doors
– Foil, candy, etc for buttons (Use your imagination with this one)

Laundry Basket Costumes:
– Cut a hole in the bottom so your child can step through the basket. Make sure the hole isn’t too big, because you want it to stay above their hips and not keep falling down.)
– Add t-shirts and socks to basket to complete the look

Sock Gnome Costume:
– Apron with Iron on letters that say “Sock Gnome” (Be sure and stuff the apron with mismatched socks!)
– Felt for hat and skirt
– Hot Glue for hat (Just make into a cone and hot glue the seams)
– Stick on velcro for skirt (Wrap felt around the “gnome” and place stick on velcro at the hips to hold the skirt on)
– I used Iron on letters for hat that say “Who’s your Gnomey”

Maid Costume:
– Apron (I used Iron on letters that say “Maid” for each other)
– Bandanna

Repairman Costume:
– Tool belt
– Iron on patches for shirt (I used a Sharpie pen and wrote my hubby’s name on one and wrote “Mr. Fix It” on the other.

Have fun with being creative with these DIY Laundry Team Costumes! =)

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