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Coolest Homemade Basket of Laundry Costume

I’ve always tried to be an object for Halloween as opposed to a character or a person and two years ago I had a Basket of Laundry Costume. The costume took just a few hours to construct and was quite fun to wear.

I started by cutting a waist-sized hole in the bottom of a wicker laundry basket. My laundry basket fit snug enough that I didn’t have to hold it up or add shoulder straps however that may be necessary. Next, I went though my and my family members’ wardrobes and picked out the funniest and most interesting clothes I could find, anything from underwear to striped socks to bathing suits. Some of these clothes I put in the basket itself while others were draped over the sides or safety pinned to my shirt and pants. I also attached an empty container of laundry soap to the basket and made a necklace out of clothes pegs just by clipping them to an already existing necklace. Finally, as a finishing touch, I clipped two more clothes pegs to my pigtails and the costume was done!

Quick, easy, and inexpensive to make, a basket of laundry makes a great costume in my opinion. The two friends I trick-or-treated with even dressed up as a washing machine and a dryer and together we were a big hit!

Homemade Basket of Laundry Costume

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